BFF Fall Cows


BFF Fall Cows

Belle Fourche Farm started breeding Dexters in 1989. We were fortunate to acquire some very nice foundation stock when the owner of the Rio Grande Herd in TX retired and decided to travel. This herd had been focusing on small sized, proportionate animals, which was exactly what we wanted. We have maintained several bulls at all times, in order to maximize genetic diversity and pair cows with the bulls that best complement their traits. We have a wealth of bloodlines from all over the country, and have also some imported lines.

Tuesday Cows

Hillview Dexters was founded in 1993, starting with stock from the Belle Fourche herd. The Hillview herd took a slightly different route by using mainly British bulls by artificial insemination for the first 5 years. The herd now keeps it’s own bulls that are a mix of British and American bloodlines, and still uses some A.I. from imported bulls.

The owners of the Belle Fourche and Hillview herds have worked together to help improve the breed. Between the two herds, we have maintained a good selection of animals in black, red, and dun, genetically horned and polled. Our breeding goals have remained very similar as well; small proportionate animals, with good udders, good dual purpose characteristics, and gentle dispositions; the ideal family cow.

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